As part of our work to develop uses for surplus food we are proud to work alongside Rethink Food to help deliver their outstanding education package which focuses on the aim of

“Nourishment for life, growth and good health” 







Objectives of Rethink Food

• Remove hunger as a barrier to learning

• Reduce the amount of perfectly edible food that goes to waste

• Educate communities to make responsible choices about food for a sustainable future

Food Revival ensures that there is food available at schools to nourish children and to support parents for 52 weeks a year. Food is available to the community from a pupil led market stall.  Parents are asked to engage with the programme by considering donations based on their view of the value of the food to their family.

Last year we were fully engaged in this exciting work to establish sustainable learning and removing hunger as a barrier to learning for 15,000 children in 40 schools across Leeds, Bradford and Keighley.  It has become a core part of our activities and is one that we are committed to supporting to our fullest extent. 

This year we are on target to work with even more schools by delivering food to back up the outstanding Rethink Food education programme.  We are looking forward to being part of extending this programme to new schools and families.

In the 2017 summer holidays we were part of running “Old School Junk”, a donation based shop and raw vegan café with the generous support of The Light, Leeds.  As well as offering food to the city centre we were able to offer children the opportunity to help in the kitchen and front of house.  It was fun, and we are sure we identified some catering superstars of the future while we did it.  It was a bonus that we were winners of the Communities and Schools Working Together category in the Child Friendly Leeds awards 2018 for Old School Junk. 

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*award in our previous trading names TRJFP Leeds and Fuel for School
Rethink Food is a curriculum enrichment programme that provides educational support and resources to assist schools in teaching food-based learning all linked to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The project is passionate about educating children, business and communities to love food and care for the environment.
In response to children arriving at school hungry, the UK’s first PAYF café opened inside a primary school in Leeds in 2015.  The impact on the local community from having better access to food, but also better skills and awareness was transformational.   Rethink Food is a development of this initiative and currently works with 30 schools across Leeds.