Welcome to Food Revival 
Market Hall
All welcome.  Share food.  Considered donations welcome.
Unit 3, Prospect Park, Grangefield Industrial Estate, Pudsey, LS28 6LF
Please do not park in the yard which we share with neighbouring businesses - there is plenty of space on the roadway outside.
Opening times
Monday - Thurs        1.00pm   x 4.00pm
Friday                        12.00pm x 3.00pm
Saturday                   10.00am x 12.00pm
Sunday                      Closed

Currently closed due to Coronavirus.

At Food Revival we do things a little differently, created the unexpected and a Market Hall is one of our activities that we get asked about.  A lot.
Based in Pudsey, our warehouse is our centre for food interception and re-distribution.  It is also the home of our Market Hall where anyone can come along and have access to the food we have available.  We do not charge for this food, but do invite all visitors to consider the value of good food that we have prevented going to waste.  A donation bucket is on hand and all contributions to our costs are welcome.
As we are dependant on what our sources of food are putting aside for us it can be a bit pot luck, but that is part of the fun.   If you find something you are not sure about just ask - one of our staff or volunteers will tell you how to prepare it or offer a recipe suggestion.  
fruit in bag.jpg
We do get a large amount of bread and bananas  all year round, so if you have any great recipes for those please let us know so we can spread the news.  We are always happy to hear how you are using food that has come from us so please e mail us with your ideas and recipes.
This is open to all and anyone is welcome - no referrals needed just turn up, fill your bag and make a considered donation.