2018 has been an interesting year.......

At TRJFP Leeds we have had an interesting year.

We are have recovered even more food than ever - in the last fortnight alone, 10.5 tonnes - and have put it to the best use across Leeds and Bradford.

In addition to that, today we have completed taking delivery of 6 tonnes of pasta - ideal for macaroni cheese or pasta bakes. Available on PAYF basis, so do come down to get some. We have plenty to go round!

Fuel for School has delivered the outstanding education package across 32 schools, with more set to join us in January. The Pay As You Feel market stalls run by school children have offered additional nourishment to families across the cities and we have supported parents with recipes and nutritional advice.

In addition to that we supported 9 holiday hunger programmes and have committed to supporting the Holiday Hunger programmes in Leeds and Bradford in 2019.

Our Freegan boxes have gone from strength to strength and we currently feed 105 households a week with a waiting list to you join the scheme. In the summer we tested running hubs for Freegan Box collections in other areas of the city and are planning for those to become permanent in 2019.

Our Sharehouse in Leeds continues to offer food to all comers on a Pay As You Feel basis - no questions, no referrals - just come on down. Opening hours here .

We have been lucky enough to be nominated for some awards too. These nominations mean so much to us because it means we are reaching out and our work is getting noticed. Sometimes - when we are completely engrossed in the day to day work of weighing food, filling crates and visiting schools - it is can slip our minds that what we do does make a real difference. We are very proud to be part of the vibrant social enterprise community in Leeds and Bradford who are delivering so much to so many people. So when we open our mail and find that people have taken the time and trouble to nominate us for awards we are so touched and appreciative.

This year we have been told we have received nomination in the Compassionate City Awards in Leeds and that we were runners up, along with other Real Junk Food Project partners nationally, in the Observer Food Monthly Awards.

So, a big thank you to all of you who support us in so many different ways. We think 2019 is going to be a big year of intercepting and delivering more food to communities in the cities that are part of who we are and what we do.

We will just leave these here...............

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