Hello - we have a blog

Welcome to the new website for TRJFP Leeds and our first blog entry.

The blog will be the place where we can share our work and successes in recovering perfectly good food from the waste system and sharing it with the communities of Leeds and Bradford.

We hope to give you some ideas on how to get creative in the kitchen and make the most of the food we have on offer. Sometimes we just get a big load of one thing, so we need to find recipes that will bring some variety to one ingredient.

We are also looking forward to inviting guest articles from TRJFP Leeds volunteers and other people about food waste and the fairness in allowing access to edible food that is not going to get sold. If you have an idea for a blog post contact Astra (admin@trjfpleeds.co.uk) with an outline of what you would like to share.

At TRJFP Leeds we love working hard to prevent perfectly good food going to waste and making it available to the people in, and around, Leeds.

If you can’t get to the Sharehouse we do have pop up events in different areas but if you would like to support us then you can make a donation via PayPal to help us with our running costs. We aim to increase the amount of food we can intercept but more food means ehigher costs to recover, transport, sort, store and deliver it across the area.

MAKE A DONATION NOW to support us in benefitting the environment by recovering surplus food and sharing it with everyone in Leeds and the surrounding areas as well as supporting 15,000 primary schoolchildren and their families.

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